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Saturday 31st of July
From Jannett Graham and Aaron Danker
Your Online Marketing Teachers

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock or are completely new online, you’ll know that graphics help SELL a product. It doesn't matter what you’re selling, the way you present your website and offers will help your visitors decide if they want to stay on your website and read your sales copy or leave there and then.

Quality graphics represent you, your business and what you’re selling. If your site looks tacky, and looks like a home-improvement botched job, what impression does that leave about your product?... What impression does it leave about you?...

It doesn’t matter how good your sales copy is, how valuable your product actually is, or what other people are saying through your testimonials, or even if you’re offering a LIFETIME guarantee. Your prospect has already left and your efforts would be completely wasted! So with that said, it stands to reason that graphics plays a major role in the sales process and is definitely a top priority when it comes to building an online presence.

That's why we've created graphic design tutorials especially for internet marketers. They're easy to follow and simple to do, and you'll be getting results within no time... even if you have no background in art and design, or not a graphic designer by profession.

Whether you're looking to perform simple tasks like adding layers, cropping, resizing and rotating images... to more advance tasks like adding blur effects, installing plugins and using brush scripts... to creating banners ads, YouTube splash screens or Facebook page graphics then this is for you.

Here's a quick look at what's inside this massive course...

Module 1 - GIMP Tutorials

Lesson 1 - Getting Started with GIMP

Lesson 2 - Create Save and Export Images

Lesson 3 - Resize Crop Rotate and Flip Images

Lesson 4 - Introduction To Layers

Lesson 5 - Selection Tools

Lesson 6 - Paint Tools

Lesson 7 - Digital Black and White Conversion

Lesson 8 - Coloring a Black and White Sketch

Lesson 9 - Tone Mapping With Colors Exposures

Lesson 10 - Film Grain Tutorial

Lesson 11 - Luminosity Masks

Lesson 12 - Creating a Contrast Mask

Lesson 13 - Changing Background Color (Part 1)

Lesson 14 - Changing Background Color (Part 2)

Lesson 15 - The Various Blur Filters

Lesson 16 - Noise Removal With Selective Gaussian Blur

Lesson 17 - Paint Tools

Lesson 18 - Color Tools

Lesson 19 - Using The Path Tool

Lesson 20 - Installing Scripts Plug-Ins and Brushes


Module 2 - Photoshop Tutorials

Lesson 21 - Creating a New Document

Lesson 22 - Common Selection Tools and Uses

Lesson 23 - File Types and Modes

Lesson 24 - Cropping Resizing and Resolution

Lesson 25 - Working With Layers

Lesson 26 - Layer Blending Modes

Lesson 27 - The Text Tool

Lesson 28 - Glowing Text Effect

Lesson 29 - Gold Text Effect

Lesson 30 - Using Curves In Photoshop For Better Lighting and Color

Lesson 31 - Adjusting Brightness Contrast and Exposure To Improve Lighting

Lesson 32 - Hue and Saturation Layer

Lesson 33 - Photoshop Project 1 Create Web Banner Ads

Lesson 34 - Photoshop Project 2 Design For YouTube

Lesson 35 - Photoshop Project 3 Design a Facebook Advertisement

Lesson 36 - Photoshop Project 4 Design a Facebook Page Cover

Lesson 37 - Photoshop Project 5 Creating Typography Quotes Images

Lesson 38 - Healing Brush

Lesson 39 - Smart Filters

Lesson 40 - Image Dispersion Effect

Lesson 41 - Double Exposure effect

Lesson 42 - Neon Text Effect

Lesson 43 - Fire Text Effect

Lesson 44 - Lens Flare Effect

Lesson 45 - Lomography Effect

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So now it’s time for you to make a decision.

Are you going to continue struggling and getting by with what you currently know and with what you’re currently earning online and making do with primative graphics, or are you going to take action today and leverage the skills and marketing expertise from the pros?

Here on this site are the graphic tutorials you need to get the edge in your online presence! They will grab the attention of anyone who comes to your site, whether it's a banner click, a sign-up, a purchase or even to check out your recommendations. They will stop and take a look, and give your ads a chance! And then, they’ll desired action and you’ll stand a much better chance of making the sale!

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How can we make such a confident guarantee? Simple. Firstly because we know that these videos are packed full of value - stuff that they don't teach you in school and secondly because we were once in your shoes and know what it's like to go through this steep learning curve.

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Use your new found knowledge to learn, grow and expand so you can attract more prospects, customers and clients.

Listen... it's not about trying to re-invent the wheel. Sometimes all it takes is knowing how to work with what's already in front of you to get the results you need.

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To Your Success! Jannett Graham and Aaron Danker
Your online teachers passionate in helping you succeed!

Jannett has a passion for internet marketing with plenty of experience and a growing knowledge of the industry. Jannett is comitted to helping you grow your online business and achieve real tangible results that you can be proud of. If you have any pre-sale questions about this product, please contact for help and support and your questions will be answered you as soon as possible.

Aaron Danker is an established internet marketer with over 10 years of online experience. He provides high level turn-key solutions and website installation services for beginners and has recently turned to coaching to share his knowledge and expertise with dedicated students. Expert Graphic Designer is the result of years of marketing experience all condensed into one powerful and easy-to-use learning platform to help solve problems every entrepreneur will face.

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